We are creating free websites for Charitable Organizations. We can offer you a free sub domain, for example : . This enables you to have a website with the name of your organization in web address, which makes it easier for search engines to find you. If you would like to have your own domain, then you will have to buy one from a hosting provider. Our website is non profit, so we will not engage ourselves in such transactions. But if you already have your own domain, and would like for us to create you a website, we will do it for free. These are examples of websites that are already created:

St Joseph Centre Kenya St. Joseph Centre Kenya, Supporting Orphans and vulnerable children with basic needs, education and health.

Mother's love Mother’s love is a non–profit community Based Organization which mainly conducts feeding programs for orphans, needy children, widows and single mothers.

Cheery Centre Cheery children education Centre is helping children in Kibera slum in Nairobi to receive propper education.

Reachout Communities for Christ Reachout Communities for Christ (RCFC) is a faith based non-profit organization from Uganda.

Mercy and Grace Orphanage Mercy & Grace is registered as a Non-Profit charity with the rules and regulations of the government of India.

Redemption Research for Health and Educational Development Society Redemption Research for Health and Educational Development Society is non political, non religious and nonprofit development agency working for poor and oppressed.

Vineyard Children's Home Vineyard Children's Home is an orphanage in Mayurbhanj district in India.

If you or your company possess any equipment, for example computers, sewing machines, stoves and would like to donate them to people who are in need, please send us a list of that equipment and we will find those who need it.

Any company that is able to transport this equipment to the needy, will be listed as a Partner of our Charitable programs.

If you would like to volunteer in any Organization listed on our website, you can contact us, or directly the Organization where you would like to help. You will be welcomed in these Communities to share your knowledge and experience. These Communities will benefit the most from medical doctors, nurses and other medical staff, and they are able to organize free accommodation for them.

Some charitable organizations, like Camp E.D.G.E. have their own saving program . Their members are saving money and when they save a certain amount, they buy the equipment they need, like solar lamps or mobile phone chargers. Here are some photos from their savings group: