Companies that would like to make a donation to any Charitable Organization listed on this website, can do that directly to the Bank account of that Organization. This website is non profit and it will not be engaged in any financial transactions. If you already made a donation, please send us a confirmation of such donation, and You or your Company will be listed as a Donor to our Charitable programs.

If your Company has any computers that are outdated, and would like to donate them to an Orphanage or School in less developed countries, they can send us a list of their equipment (possibly with a photo), and we will try to find those who are in need of such equipment.

If you are able to transport donated computers or any other equipment, free of charge, to those who are in need, for example in Africa, then your Company will be listed on this website as our Partner. We will not receive any finance to register you, or your Company as a Partner or Donor to our Charitable programs.