Charitable Organization Continent Country Charity Programs
St.Joseph Centre Africa Kenya Supporting Orphans and vulnerable children with basic needs, education and health.
Mother's love Africa Kenya Community Based Organization which conducts feeding programs for orphans, needy children, widows and single mothers.
Bliss Women and Children Project Africa Kenya The Bliss Women and Children Project is a Christian, non-profit organization.
Cheery Children Education Centre Africa Kenya Registered community based, charitable, non- governmental organization founded in Kenya. The sole purpose of the centre is to serve children from vulnerable families in Kenya especially those living in Kibera slum in Nairobi.
Reachout Communities for Christ Africa Uganda Reachout Communities for Christ (RCFC) is a faith based non-profit organization from Uganda.
Training of Rural Women in Uganda Africa Uganda TORUWU was founded because of the poverty that surrounds women in the country-side, especially the widows with orphaned youth and children in the country as a whole.
Mercy and Grace Orphanage Asia India Mercy & Grace is registered as a Non-Profit charity with the rules and regulations of the government of India.
Redemption Research for Health and Educational Development Society Asia India Redemption Research for Health and Educational Development Society is non political and nonprofit development agency working for poor and oppressed.
Vineyard Children's Home Asia India Vineyard Children's Home is an Orphanage in Mayurbhanj district in India.