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This website should serve as a directory for Charitable Organizations, orphanages and other organizations that are helping people in a Christian way. All organizations engaged in Children's education, women empowerment programs, organizations that are working to reduce poverty, can place their link on this website.

We can create a free website for Charitable Organizations, if they need one. You are able to announce any event, or bring news about your organizations, about children who are in need, and we will publish them on this website.

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St. Joseph Centre Kenya is organizing programs for volunteers from all over the world. You can reed more about it on their website www.joseph-centre.charitable-organizations.net .


This is an e-mail sent to me from Kubwimana Venuste, Secretary General, International Transformation Foundation:

Dear Kruno, how are you?
Maybe you remember the case of Esther Njeri, the girl we were supporting to complete high school last year.
We have been looking for a sponsor for her to go to college, and fortunately today we got her college tuition sponsorship from Nakumatt Holding.
But we need to raise some materials for her which is not too hard except a computer (laptop) for her to start the college in October. Please could you help us with this case to raise money to buy her a laptop?
Thank you for your help
with Regards
If someone has an old laptop and would like to donate it to Esther, he/she can contact Kubwimana on e-mail: ITF_HQ@hotmail.com

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